Friday, April 29, 2011

Types of Unicorns .

Picture a unicorn .
Many people distingush unicorns differently . Passed down from folk tale to the Bible, different descriptions of unicorns have shed light to the imagination or true fact.  There are 10 different descriptions of unicorns .

Archaic Unicorn: Goat-sized with a billy goat beard, lions tail and cloven hooves 

Northern European variety: Riding horse sized (Largest) pure white, aloof and willing to do battle with lions.

El Alicornio (and / or) El Unicornio : Western European, Spain in particular, has wings on its feet.

Central European: Smaller, pony sized, shy but docile and even friendly to maidens.

Alps and Carpathian: Grey speckled and more robust than the Central European type. Many sure-footed goat-like traits.

Eastern Europe (Slavic or Russian) Pony sized but very fleet

Chinese/Japanese Unicorn

Gaelic Unicorn: has a heavy coat against the cold Hibernian winter.

Black Unicorn: black fur, red horn and hooves. Maybe a sub-variety of the Northern European type.

 Pegacorn: Unicorn with wings (also called Unicus)


  1. Doing a project on unicorns

  2. im a unicorn and i dont belive in human :)

  3. Aren't unicorns with wing called alicorns?

    1. Yes unicorns with wings are called alicorns

  4. A unicorn with wings is called an alicorn, not a pegacorn or unicus.

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  6. OMG!!! I KNEW UNICORNS WERE REAL!!! Told you so mom!!