Friday, April 29, 2011

The Princess of Purity

"Why did they go away, do you think? If there ever were such things."
"Who knows? Times change. Would you call this age a good one for unicorns?"
"No, but I wonder if any man before us ever thought his time a good time for unicorns."
Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

   Unicorns . A horse with one horn in the center of their heads . Most people believe they are just mythical creatures created in early times for fantasy and people's enjoyment . Although everyone has there own beliefs , I believe they exist . Just like Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster people have wrote songs, poems, stories and they have been passed down until today to keep the magic alive. Unicorns , like other folk tales are so much alive in peoples hearts, like some, I also believe that these creatures have no desire to show themseleves to someone as impure as humans. To them, we are lower than them, destroying what has been given to us.  It's surprising that show themseleves to people and swallow their pride.

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